Matilda releases follow up single Summer Dreams

Rantprod are delighted that Matilda Pratt’s new single Summer Dreams is now out on iTunes.

Summer Dreams is the follow up to Matilda’s debut single Mistake, both songs being written by Matlida and produced by Roger & Tony at RantProd Music. The video for Summer Dreams was shot at Born in a Barn Studio using a time lapse camera which captured the creative aspects (and some of the comedy moments) of music production with us here at RantProd. Check the video here.

“We were much impressed with Matilda’s musicianship on her first visit to Rantprod” says Roger, “and yet again for the making of this second single she brought fresh creative ideas that made recording such a simple and fun process”.


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Bobby Jay G Album Fork In The Road Out Now!

Bobby Jay G is a songwriter with plenty of stories to tell. His debut album Fork in the Road has just been released by Rantprod Music and every track tells a fascinating tale of life and hardship from the mid-west US, which is strange really, because Bobby is from Birmingham UK!


Get Fork in the Road here !


If you like a country twang with your blues and some fascinating stories about hangmen, highwaymen and broken hearts, truckers swamps and funerals, then this is an album you have to check out.

Written over 12 months, Bobby kept the tracks fresh by only allowing one evening to write and record each song. Over a series of Friday nights at Born in a Barn Studio in Ansty, Bobby would rock up with a new lyric and within a few hours he’d be singing over a freshly recorded backing track.

A “Work fast keep it fresh” chemistry quickly developed between Bobby and the RantProd Team: “Its funny how your first idea will often be the best” says Rantprod’s Tony White, “And with Bobby it was a good job because we rarely had time to try other options. It really put us on our metal as producers and musicians.”

RantProd Producer and Born in a Barn Studio boss Roger Greasby agrees : “It was fantastic fun working with Bob, just capturing the moment as songs came together was quite special”.

Influenced though it may be by the likes of Johnny Cash, the album is far from a derivative take on American country blues. Bobby’s dry Brummie sense of humour appears at every turn and some classic Brit guitar influences creep in from the likes of Mark Knopfler to give this album the lyrical and musical twists that will keep you listening right through to “Going Home” where Bobby gives us his biggest twist of all.

Fork In The Road is available at Amazon, iTunes and all good streaming services such as Spotify 

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Matilda Pratt New Single Out Now!

We’re delighted that Matilda Pratt has chosen Mistake as her first official single, a track which she wrote and produced with Rantprod late last year. The single is available on itunes, and you can watch the official video, also made by RantProd here.


Matilda’s fresh approach to song-writing makes her a real pleasure to work with. She not only has a firm idea of lyric and melody, but contributes a lot to the arrangement and production process. For instance, the way that the chorus in Mistake actually drops in intensity as she uses her soft falsetto was all Matilda’s idea. Add to this her vocal talent and she undoubtedly becomes a young singer-songwriter to watch out for.

We look forward to bringing more of Matilda’s songs to life over the coming months – watch this space!

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Bobby Jay G releases debut music video Around The Next Bend

In the last year or so Bobby Jay G has become a regular up at Born in a Barn Studio. Using Rantprod’s ‘song in a day’ package (or in Bobby’s case usually a song in a night!) his back catalog of country-blues inspired songs has come alive.

Taking influences from the deep south his lyrics tell stories, while his unique vocal delivery always keeps the listener hanging on to find out what happens. Often there’s a neat but unexpected twist to the tale from this clever word-smith.

The first of Bobby’s songs to be made public is Around The Next Bend.

The story is about life on a river, yet not having the ability to see further than the river they live on and being satisfied with their lot. This is Bobby’s debut music video shot on location in Florida at Midway Airboat Rides & the Christmas Gator Jungle Alligator Farm as well as the amazing Green Room in Ansty, Warwickshire.

RantProd are the music production arm of Born in a Barn Studio providing writing and producing backing tracks for all genres of music. See more about the ‘Song in a Day’ package.


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Great Songs Need Great Hooks!

RantProd, the production arm of Born in a Barn Recording Studio was at the NEC in Birmingham last week helping to judge Future Music’s brand new songwriting competition. Of course music like art is pretty subjective, but after an afternoon of performances from the region’s up and coming songwriters it became clear that the songs progressing to the next round all had a common trait. They all had a memorable hook or chorus!

Heartfelt lyrics that mean a lot to the writer are all very well, but not if they don’t reach out to the listener. Song structures that try to avoid euro-vision style choruses are all very well, but not at the expense of having no hook at all. The old saying just in case you’ve not heard it before is “Don’t bore us – Get to the Chorus!”

As a songwriter trying to impress industry professionals, you have to be honest with yourself. Listen to three random top forty songs, from any decade, then jot down the hooks. It’ll be obvious what they are. It’ll be why those songs made the top ten. Then imagine an industry professional, who’s looking for a hit, doing the same exercise with your song. Will they find strong obvious hooks? If not, then you need to be brutal and do some serious rework!

It may seem incredibly obvious but successful songwriters write successful songs. That means they have a strategic approach to their craft. They engage the listener with those hooks.

Having said all that, Future Music had clearly attracted some great talent last weekend. A big well done to the writers who got through, there were certainly some great songs. To those of you who weren’t so lucky this time, keep at it! Keep writing, but look for those hooks!

Check out more feedback from the day here


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Open Mic UK Auditions Enter Now!

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RantProd produce Ellie Grace Foxon

After her fantastic journey through to the National Final of Future Music’s Teenstar singing competition, we’ve had the privilege of working with the very talented Ellie Grace Foxon.

Putting the RantProd production stamp on Ellie’s self-penned songs “There’s No Way”  and her latest single “Set Me Free” we’ve created lively upbeat tunes that not only show off Ellie’s distinctive voice, but reflect her fun approach to life  and surely mark her as a song-writer with great future potential.


Set Me Free

There’s No Way









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World Cup Fever Grips RantProd

World Cup fever will soon be gripping the nation again as England head out to Brazil. Its certainly fired us up here at RantProd where we’ve written a song to celebrate the forthcoming football fiesta. “World Cup 2014”


We were inspired by the story of Exeter City who exactly 100 years ago toured South America and took on a fledgling Brazilian side in their first ever fixture. Brazil won 2-0 and went on to follow their dreams winning the World Cup 5 times. There’s no doubt that it was a small English side that awoke that sleeping giant, and now 100 years later England head back to take part in the World’s biggest Football party.

We like parties! We also liked the idea that players and fans at all levels can aspire to their best when they see sides like Brazil play, so it wasn’t long before the song World Cup 2014 was born, and of course we had to put some support in there for the lads – Come on England!

A big thank you goes to everyone involved including Kirsty-Ann Davies for the lead vocal and Sandra Godley, Kristen Sweet, Chele Willow, Paul Valladolid and The Bobcats, who helped out with backing Vocals. Coventry University’s third year Sport Science students and Chloe C with her party pals all helped with the video and The Establishment Bar and Grill in Coventry kindly lent us space to head a football around. Finally thanks to Mask-arade for providing the footy masks!

So can England avenge Exeter City’s defeat 100 years ago? The pundits all seem to think England are definite underdogs this year so the chances of them meeting Brazil, which would be in the second semi-final, seem pretty small. History though tells some strange stories, and sometimes certain things are meant to be – Follow your dreams wherever you play or support your football and enjoy the World Cup!

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Kristen Sweet Releases On My Way Today!







Kristen Sweet’s new EP Sweet Nothings releases on iTunes next Friday  with the single Out now!


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Early single release for Kristen Sweet’s On My Way

Kristen Sweet’s RantProd produced EP releases its first single and video early onto Youtube this weekend, Sunday 13th April. The EP Sweet Nothings releases on iTunes on the 18th.

You can also catch Kristen singing songs from the EP on Saturday 18th at The Hare and Hounds in Nuneaton


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